Plans for World War Two-themed holiday accommodation and a museum room at a disused Suffolk airfield have been withdrawn.

The project was set for a site located at the former RAF Lavenham base, near Sudbury, which was home to the American 487th Bombardment Group during the war.

The project - submitted to Babergh District Council - included four lets, a museum and 'managed ruins', and was going to be carried out by Beech Architects, the company behind the highly successful 'Windmill Suffolk' tourist accommodation in Cockfield.

Planning documents prepared by Beech Architects said: "The new buildings take inspiration for their shape in matching the proportions of the World War Two buildings but look to riveted aluminium panels to mimic and reflect upon the material used for the B17 Flying Fortress aircraft that flew from the airfield.

"Windows are also inspired and reflective of the shapes seen in windows of this aircraft."

It is unclear why the plans have been withdrawn or if they will be revisited.

Sudbury Mercury: RAF Lavenham during the second world war.RAF Lavenham during the second world war. (Image: Beech Architects/ Third Rule Studios)