An 18-year-old from Sudbury is one of the last people to receive the Queen's Scouts Award.

It is the highest award a scout can receive and following the death of Her Majesty the Queen last Thursday, its importance has become more special for Helena Read-Luxton.

The 18-year-old said: "Being one of the last people to receive this award before Her Majesty passed away is definitely something that I am going to cherish forever.

Sudbury Mercury: The letter Helena received on Saturday, September 10.The letter Helena received on Saturday, September 10. (Image: Helena Read-Luxton)

"It is surreal, you just think it is always going to be The Queen's Scout Award, and it won't be anything else, but obviously now it is the King's Scouts Award, so it is nice to know that you have something from The Queen and doing something that she would have wanted you to do as a scout, as she put the award together, so I feel really proud."

Helena received the certificate, which was signed by Queen Elizabeth II, on Saturday, two days after The Queen's passing.

"With it being signed by The Queen, it is really special, and just to get the recognition because it is one of the highest awards you can get in scouting and it is her award that she set up, so it really is quite a beautiful thing."

Helena had to do a variety of activities in order to win this prestigious scouting award, of which there are only around 300 given out nationally a year.

Helena said: "I went to the World Scout Jamboree in America in 2019, and then you also have to do a lot of community based things, so I went and learnt sign language, and then taught it to the cubs, just to make sure they have a good understanding of inclusiveness within scouts, but also outside.

"We also had to do a presentation, which I did to the sea scouts, and a big part of the award, is completing your gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, which makes up around 50% of the award."

Helena, who is going off to Bangor University this year to study Zoology, has been a member of the scouts since she can remember, going through Beavers, Cubs, Sea Scouts and Explorers.