The controversial document at the centre of the Sudbury Belle Vue development row has been revealed.

Churchill Retirement Living's plans for a retirement block and restoration of the nearby Belle Vue House into two homes have proven to be divisive - and were being discussed by the Babergh planning committee on August 10 with a recommendation of approval.

The meeting was cut short following concern over procedural irregularities and an investigation was launched.

A statement from Babergh District Council said a document had been shared with some committee members.

The document - which has been seen by the East Anglian Daily Times - is dated August 2020 and shows a different layout for Belle Vue House consisting of flats on the site.

However, it is unclear from the document whether or not these plans indicate that the house would be demolished or retained and restored.

It has also been confirmed that the councillor removed from the planning committee overseeing the Belle Vue application following the council investigation is Hadleigh councillor Sian Dawson.

Councillor Dawson strenuously denies that the document was circulated during the meeting.

During the planning committee councillor Dawson had questioned Churchill's representatives over having any alternative plans for Belle Vue House - which they responded to by saying there was none.

The developer that was supposed to be handling the restoration of the house pulled out in the days leading up to the meeting.

Ms Dawson said she believed the public would also consider a phase two demolition of Belle Vue House "very relevant".

She said: "As Babergh have a vested interest it could be construed there is a conflict of interest.

"Because of the high level of public interest and Babergh's desire to be fully transparent, the whole planning committee should be disbanded, and a new committee reconvened."

Councillor Dawson has since said she is not certain that the plans necessarily show the demolition of Belle Vue House.

The planning committee investigation report concluded: "The integrity of the planning process has not been undermined by the circulation of the 2020 site plan and the committee members have not been influenced by the plan being shared.

"Therefore, ten of the committee members who sat on 10 August 2022 are not compromised and may continue with their consideration of application DC/21/06519.

"The committee will be instructed to disregard the August 2020 site plan."

Churchill Retirement Living said: "We would like to reiterate that we are firmly committed to the restoration of Belle Vue House."