As the cost-of-living crisis goes on, an Ipswich-based advisory, guidance and support charity has put together a guide on how to reduce everyday spending.

Anglia Care Trust believes that a collection of small changes can have a big impact on our budgets.

The guide consists of more than 50 suggestions on how you can make small changes that will not affect your quality of life, but at the same time will help you keep your everyday living costs down.

Andy Hunt, the money advisor at ACT, said: “The average person has a 10-minute shower every single day. A typical shower will use around 8 litres per minute.

“If you cut that down to four minutes a day, you’ll save around 48 litres a day, which is 17,000 litres a year, which on a water metre could save you £57 a year just on water, let alone the money you’ll save on energy.”

"This is just one section of the booklet that explains ways to save you money, others include gas and electric, water, food, internet and TV subscriptions, fuel, insurance, and more.

“This booklet is for everyone - it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a high income or a low income, regardless of your financial situation, this booklet can help you.”

The first principal rule of the ACT guide says: “don’t spend more than you earn”.

There are a few important things that everybody can do to reduce their spending, including planning the weekly or monthly budget and purchasing only the products and services that they really need.

The charity gathered the information from experts online and has collated it to share with the public.

Jane Simpson, the CEO of Anglia Care Trust, said: “Having worked for Anglia Care Trust for over 16 years, it is the first time that we have witnessed an issue impacting society as a whole rather than just a certain demographic.

“People who have never previously faced hardship are now finding themselves vulnerable, which can be very hard to navigate if you don’t know where to turn for help.

“This is why we created a free resource that contains hints and tips that will help individuals regardless of their circumstances”

Download and read the booklet here.