Duck or Grouse Cavendish community shop is continuing to serve customers from a hatch due to concerns around Covid.

The decision to start serving the people of Cavendish in this way started just before the first lockdown came into effect in March 2020.

The system allowed the historic shop to remain open for people to grab essentials via a hatch.

Cavendish community shop is a contender for 'Britain's oldest shop' after details emerged in 2015 to suggest that the store was established in 1420.

Elizabeth Graham, from Duck or Grouse Cavendish community shop, said: "We’re a volunteer-run shop and many of our volunteers are of the older generation and vulnerable, as are many of our customers.

"The shop is really small and whilst we are intending to open up again sometime soon, the recent upsurge of Covid cases has made us decide to continue as a kiosk for the time being.

"Once the warmer weather arrives we will be able to open the back window in the shop and create some airflow which will be preferable for an open shop.

"We have had some criticism for not opening the shop up but we don’t want to put the volunteers at risk. If we had several people away with Covid, we might have to reduce opening hours or close and this would impact the people who really need the shop.

"Now that mask-wearing is no longer mandatory, the safety and comfort of our volunteers and customers is our main concern.

"There are people in the village who prefer not to go into the shop, so when we open up again, we may keep the door counter flap as an option for those who are unwilling to enter."

The shop is hoping to open up the shop again after Easter, so long as Covid cases begin to fall.