It's that time of year again when the mischievous elves make a return to homes to bring a little cheeky fun in the run up to Christmas.

Already our readers have been quick with the camera to capture those pesky elves at work... or more likely playing around as they wait for their young friends to wake up.

With some unique tricks up their sleeves, the elves are out in force to make some festive mayhem in the run-up to Christmas.

Games night

The mischievous elves and friends visited Maria Lummis' family for a games night and can be seen pictured playing on a mini air-hockey table and a game of cards.

Guess who's back

It is the grandest of entrances but some mischievous elves do like to make themselves known.

For these elves, it's with a message to the household to "guess who's back?"

The elves were seen making snow angels in some fake snow with the writing guess who's back written into it - sure to surprise the children in the morning.

Tea party

These cheeky elves visited Kim's house for a second night and hosted their own tea party with the help of some friends.

The four elves helped themselves to some party rings, cookies and biscuits.

Trying to escape

This mischievous elf was trying to get out unnoticed but was caught in the letter box in the process.

Shelly Westcott captured the elf trying to make his way out of her home.

Baking a cake

These elves were caught making a mess as they tried to bake a cake.

Karen Child caught the elves in the act with the elves seen sprinkling flour over the worktops.

Decorating the fruit

This elf was caught red-handed as they drew smiley faces all over Becks Bawley fruit.

Have the elves defaced your fruit yet? You may want to check before you take a bite!

Helping with the decorations

Often classed as mischievous, this pair actually look like they were trying to help with the Christmas decorations - but got a bit stuck in the process.

Helen Collison captured the elves as they got trapped in the festive lights.

What ideas have your mischievous elves come up with?