A Suffolk family who have been evicted from their home and whose daughter will likely not see Christmas have been given early presents.

Suffolk Baby Bank was helped by Tesco in Bury St Edmunds in getting urgent support for a mum, dad and two daughters from Polstead and other Suffolk residents struggling this winter.

One of the family's two daughters is receiving palliative care for cancer and will "most likely be their last Christmas," according to Klaire Peck, the founder of Suffolk Baby Bank.

She added: "Due to them spending months in Great Ormond Street Hospital, the family lost their home as the dad lost his job due to Covid and caring for his family.

"They are living in a hostel. They had nothing. While we at Suffolk Baby Bank have taken so much to them already, there is nothing like your child dying and being in one room not knowing when things will improve."

The girl has been re-admitted to GOSH and her four-year-old sister was given an advent calendar in a food parcel by Bury St Edmunds Tesco community manager Julie Bailey.

Ms Peck said: "It was just a £1 one, and she was so excited and asked, does this mean I still get a Christmas?

"Well, this broke our hearts. She's lost her home, her sister is dying, they have no food because they are in and out of GOSH and miss the foodbank hours so we are delivering as much and often as we can and she thought this meant she wasn't getting a Christmas.

"The store themselves have picked this family to have a Christmas bundle. Funding it themselves with £150. Food, vouchers, gifts and Christmas decorations so the little girl can still get some Christmas magic at a time when the world is crashing down on this family.

"I know it doesn't sound like much, but I really wanted to shout out about Tesco and especially Julie who has donated, supported and taken part in volunteer days and is just amazing."

Julie Bailey, community champion at Tesco Bury St Edmunds, said: "It's really snowballed and we now have £170 to spend on the family.

"It's heartbreaking for the local family, who have struggled so much. How can you not feel for them.

"We couldn't let this family have nothing."