People living in Suffolk are being warned about a number of scams that have been reported this week, including fake ambulance trust workers and people purporting to be gardeners.

Suffolk Trading Standards is the enforcement service that is responsible for protecting consumers and legitimate traders from scams and unfair trading in the county.

Here are some of the scams which have been reported this week:

Fake ambulance trust workers

Fraudsters have been making cold calls purporting to be from the ambulance trust in a bid to con people out of their personal details.

The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust has warned people not to fall for the scam, which asks people to take part in a survey in a bid to gain their personal information.

A spokesman said: "Telephone calls in relation to surveys are only made if patients have contacted us directly to request a call back."

Men offering plants, trees and garden furniture

Suffolk Trading Standards received a report of men in a white van going door to door in Acton, Woolpit and Saxmundham, offering plants, trees and garden furniture.

They said these individuals often visit Suffolk and use the same sales patter - “last one”, “great price” "ex-exhibition stock" etc.

They currently state they have stock because they have not been able to sell them at the usual garden shows.

Their advice is to "NEVER buy at the door!"

'Nottingham Knockers'

There have also been reports that 'Nottingham Knockers' have been calling at properties in Stowmarket this week.

One individual called at a property in Temple Road, and the resident refused to engage with the man. He then became aggressive, hit the doorframe of the property and then slammed the gate forcefully.

Suffolk Trading Standards said these individuals are claiming that they have just come out of prison, and are on a youth offending scheme, attempting to mend their ways, or that they are an ex-soldier who his trying to find support themselves now they are not in the military.

They then try to sell the householder everyday household products at very high prices.

'Free' insulation checks

Also in Stowmarket, Suffolk Trading Standards has received a report of individuals going door to door offering to carry out checks on the loft insulation of the property.

Suffolk Trading Standards warned: "If anyone has entered into a contract for insulation, they can cancel within 14 days by writing to the company.

"Any trader that puts you under pressure by suggesting you have to make a decision there and then, or that the "special price" is only available for a limited period in order to make you sign up, may be committing a criminal offence.

"Doorstep traders are trained in sales techniques and can be very persuasive.

"Be very wary of signing anything as you may give up your rights to cancel."

You can report any suspected scams to Suffolk Trading Standards via 0808 223 1133.

When reporting doorstep incidents, it is best to try to supply key information such as the description of the individual and their vehicle, including the make, model and vehicle registration if seen.