Products including Costa Coffee's 'Jammy Rudolph Shortcake', Tesco Finest 'Festive Belgian Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts' and Good and Portable 'Soft Safety Kids Car Seat' have been recalled.

Product recalls and safety notices are made by traders about products that have problems which could affect the safety of the consumer.

In the past week, these are some of the products included on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website:

  • Costa Coffee has recalled Jammy Rudolph Shortcake because it contains egg, which is not mentioned on the label.
  • Tesco has recalled a batch (code L0075004) of Tesco Finest Festive Belgian Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts. The product has been incorrectly packed with Tesco Finest Festive Fruit and Nut Selection which contains sulphur dioxide that is not mentioned on the label.
  • Good and Portable Soft Safety Kids Car Seat has been recalled because the product does not contain a single release button so in the event of an accident, the product could not be easily opened. Furthermore, the car seat does not sufficiently absorb the kinetic energy that would be released in case of a side impact collision.
  • Beckingsale Designs - Personalised Wooden Rattle has been recalled because it does not comply with mandatory size and shape requirements for children up to and including 36 months of age and could pose a choking or suffocation hazard for young children.Sudbury Mercury: This personalised wooden rattle sold by Beckingsale Designs has been recalledThis personalised wooden rattle sold by Beckingsale Designs has been recalled (Image: Contributed)
  • Buchanan Distribution Ltd has recalled Nudie Snacks Salted Caramel Brownie Protein Balls because they contain milk that is not listed on the label.