Suffolk is set to see a chilly festive period, but forecasters say it will not be a white Christmas this year.

Some would have been hoping for snow on Christmas Day in 2020; however, forecasts predict a mostly dry day with temperatures staying in the low single figures.

Suffolk is set to see a rainy build-up to Christmas, with heavy showers predicted over the next few days.

Some of those showers could turn wintery on Christmas Eve and there also could be some sleet on December 28 as well.

Zoe Johnson, forecaster for Weatherquest, said: "As we go into Christmas Eve we might have some early rain in the region.

"We will see cooler air giving us a bit more of a seasonal feel coming into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

"I think on Thursday there is a risk of a few showers most frequently in coastal areas while inland it could stay more dry.

"Some of those showers could turn a touch wintery in places, maybe the odd bit of sleet here or there.

"It will be quite breezy as well with maximum temperatures at around 6 degrees C.

"Christmas Eve night we could have a few showers lingering but we could have some clear spells as well.

"I think things could get chilly overnight giving many places a nice frosty start to the morning on Christmas Day.

"Through the day on Christmas Day there could be a few showers possible, mostly near the coastline but genuinely it will become dry as the day goes on.

"There will be a variable amount of cloud and some sunny spells as well.

"So it will be a pretty good day on Christmas day with moderate winds and highs of 5 degrees C."

Suffolk has not seen snow on Christmas Day for 10 years.

The last widespread white Christmas in the UK was in 2010 when there was snow on the ground at 83% of the Met Office's weather stations - the highest amount ever recorded and snow or sleet also fell at 19% of stations.

Technically, 2017 was the last white Christmas in the UK, with 11% of weather stations recording snow falling.

However, none reported any snow lying on the ground.