Could you give one of these animals their forever home?

At the RSPCA's Suffolk Central branch, there are dozens of pets waiting to be rescued.

Here are just seven of the animals you could give a home to and a few facts about their personalities.


Sudbury Mercury: Can you give Fred his forever home?Can you give Fred his forever home? (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

Fred is a domestic shorthair crossbreed who is about five years old.

When he first arrived at the RSPCA, he "found it very scary and would often lash out at his human companions but since settling in, he is improving day by day".

He "loves fuss and attention once he feels comfortable with you but still has his cheeky 'cattitude' moments if he feels threatened or worried".

Fred would benefit from going to a home with experience of cats who will be able to give him the time and patience he needs to become confident and friendly.


Sudbury Mercury: Cody is looking for his forever homeCody is looking for his forever home (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

Cody is a black and white terrier who is around one year old.

He is looking for experienced adopters who would enjoy continuing his ongoing reward based training.

Cody can be reactive towards unfamiliar people, dogs and vehicles. He is responding well to training at a distance from these triggers, along with learning other basic cues and loose lead walking.

He would best suit a "quiet, low populated area where there are fewer passing vehicles, people and dogs. This will ensure he copes better in the surrounding environment and will help set him up for success in his training".

However, "once Cody knows you he soon shows his affectionate and playful side" and he "loves his toys and will often greet you with one in his mouth whilst wagging his whole body".


Sudbury Mercury: Eddie the rabbit needs a new homeEddie the rabbit needs a new home (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

Eddie is a lionhead lop rabbit of about one year old who came to the RSPCA via one of their inspectors.

He enjoys being in the company of people and being hand fed tasty treats.

Eddie currently lives alone but is looking for a home with a neutered female and room of at least 45 square feet.


Sudbury Mercury: Twinkle is looking for a new homeTwinkle is looking for a new home (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

12-year-old Twinkle is a domestic shorthair crossbreed who is a "sweet natured and affectionate girl who's favourite past times consist of attention and napping".

After a blood test, Twinkle was found to have hyperthyroidism which she is now taking ongoing medication for, but the branch is able to help with funding towards the medication if it is purchased through them.

As a result of her thyroid issue, Twinkle also has kidney disease which is being support with renal food which can also be purchased through the centre.

Twinkle is looking for a calm and warm home where she can relax and live out her days in comfort like she deserves.

Phoebe and Regina

Sudbury Mercury: Phoebe and Regina at RSPCA Suffolk CentralPhoebe and Regina at RSPCA Suffolk Central (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

Phoebe and Regina are albino lion head rabbits who are between three to six months old.

They are a "sweet little duo, but do not appear to have had much handling in the past, so can be a little on the shy side".

The pair are beginning to learn that humans are friends and have recently started to accept food from the hands of those at the RSPCA Suffolk Central branch.

Phoebe and Regina must be rehomed together and will need regular grooming as well as 45 square feet of room at their new home.

Sean and Scott

Sudbury Mercury: Sean and ScottSean and Scott (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

Ferrets Sean and Scott are about three years old who have not had "much handling in the past and both lack some socialising skills and manners".

They are looking for an experienced ferret home to help them become more comfortable around people and handling.

The RSPCA website adds: "They have improved a lot since they arrived in our care, and now absolutely love having a good run around in our enclosed play area".

Sean and Scott will need access to a minimum enclosure size of at least 6ft by 3ft, with plenty of toys to keep them entertained.


Sudbury Mercury: Buffy needs a forever homeBuffy needs a forever home (Image: RSPCA Suffolk Central)

Buffy is another domestic shorthair crossbreed who is about three years old and came to the Suffolk Central branch as a semi-feral cat and was placed into a foster home as she was pregnant.

Her kittens have all been rehomed and now it is Buffy's turn.

She is most comfortable in a home environment and is a timid cat, needing a "quiet adult-only and pet-free" home.

Her new owners will need to be prepared to give her all the time she needs to feel confident in their company.

See the full list of animals at RSPCA Suffolk Central and complete details about each one here.