Money saving expert Martin Lewis has provided some helpful advice to those worrying about rising energy bills.

Mr Lewis appeared on Good Morning Britain on ITV on Monday (October 10) morning as he tried to help people save some cash amid soaring energy costs and the cost of living crisis.

During his appearance, Mr Lewis posted on Twitter to explain how people can work out how much an appliance is costing to run.

He said to calculate energy cost of an appliance, people had to "find its wattage" and know "1000W is a kilowatt (kW)".

“100W (a tenth of a kW) appliance on for two hours is 3.4p an hour x 2 = 6.8p," he added.

During his appearance on the morning programme, Mr Lewis offered his thoughts on reports the government had ruled out running an energy saving campaign.

He said a push campaign was needed because it "reaches people with the messages".

"There are many questions I get, like should I have the heating on all day, should you only turn it on when you need," he said.

“It is a really interesting debate, in short only have it on when you need though there are some circumstances to have it on all day.

"When we are in a position where there is a risk to energy security like blackouts this winter, to not be going out there and saying here are some simple things you can do to cut your energy usage that are beneficial to your pocket, to the environment and to society, I struggle to see that as paternalistic.”

People have started to receive money off their energy bills - made in six instalments - from October 1 amid surging energy bills.

The average annual household energy bill rose from £1,971 to a frozen £2,500 from October 1 under the government’s recently announced energy price guarantee.

But the plan only caps the cost per unit that households pay, with actual bills still determined by how much energy is consumed.

Rising bills has meant some families have been faced with the prospect of choosing between heating and eating.