Suffolk is set to enjoy an "unusual" warm spell toward the end of October, with temperatures possibly climbing as high as 19C.

Those in the county will be able to delay their winter wardrobe for one week longer than expected as the first half of next week, beginning October 24, will be warmer than expected thanks to wind direction coming from continental Europe.

A spokesman for Weatherquest said: "We've got quite a warm wind direction that's unusually warm for the time.

"Southerly winds are binging some quite warm air out of France.

"Across much of the continent, there's been quite a warm spell at the moment and it's just a bit of that warm air moving northwards.

"Although, at the moment, it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing some extreme warmth because a lot of the weather is likely to remain cloudy and unsettled."

However, it is not thought to be cause for concern.

The spokesman continued: "I wouldn't say it's cause for concern, no, it's mostly just to do with how relatively unsettled the weather is and you would expect it to be slightly warmer overnight when there is an unsettled pattern, with rain showers around on cloudy nights."

There is also a small possibility that Saharan dust will return to the county as wind pushes northward through Europe, but there is not expected to be high levels of dust.

In July, Suffolk recorded its hottest ever day with highs of 38.4C at Santon Downham and 2022 has been the driest year for East Anglia since 1996.

Saharan dust was last visible in the county in June, 2022.