It's a product that has been flying off the shelves as many people attempt to tighten their purse strings amid the cost of living crisis.

But can an air fryer really save you money?

Using little to no oil at all, it is sure to help you watch your weight.

And according to various money saving experts, it could also help you watch the pennies.

What is an air fryer?

Despite its name, an air fryer doesn't actually fry your food.

This compact, countertop appliance actually uses a fan that circulates hot air at high speed, producing a crispy brown coating as if your food had been fried or roasted.

Can an air fryer help save on my energy bills?

The air fryer is believed to be more energy efficient due to its smaller size and faster cooking time - compared to an oven.

Speaking to the Independent, Joanna O’Loan, knowledge manager at Energy Saving Trust, said “around 4pc of your energy bill is spent on powering kitchen appliances”.

But switching to more energy-efficient appliances - such as an air fryer and microwaves - could help to manage rising energy bills.

How much could an air fryer save me?

With more people opting for the air fryer, various reports have been made about how much it could help you save.

Consumer rights expert for Resolver, Martyn James, said: "The majority of the expert sites, like the Energy Saving Trust, along with consumer organisations, have suggested that air fryers are around half as cheap to run.

"Though there's also been much focus on the cost - which runs from around £80 to £300 for new items."

Should I still use my oven?

Despite the benefits of using an air fryer, Mr James said there are better ways to save.

He added: "What concerns me, however, is even if you follow every energy-saving tip, you'll only save around £250 a year - which is a drop in the ocean at the moment.

"I'm really worried about the older people who contact me to say they are afraid to turn on their cookers.

"Realistically, using a normal cooker isn't going to have a big impact on their annual bills, there are better ways to save cash, like switching broadband providers and claiming all the benefits they are entitled to."