A man from Sudbury has been fined more than £232 after failing to give information to the police about who was driving a vehicle in Hertfordshire.

Louie Boydell, 27 and of Pinecroft Rise, was asked for information relating to the driver of a Ford (Europe) Kuga, which the police believed had committed an offence in July last year.

However, Boydell did not give them the information.

Charges were brought against him by Bedfordshire Police, and he pleaded guilty to failing to give information relating to the identification of a vehicle when required.

Boydell appeared at Bedfordshire Magistrates’ Court on February 5.

He was fined £166, and ordered to pay a surcharge of £66, which goes towards funds for victim services, bringing the total amount he has to pay out to £232.

His driving licence was endorsed with six points, according to a court listing.