Ruby the one-year-old dobermann is looking for her forever home in Suffolk. 

She was taken into the care of the RSPCA by an inspector due to welfare concerns after not having a good start in life. 

Since arriving at the RSPCA site in Martlesham, she has become anxious of many things but has shown a lot of progress in her training. 

Staff at the centre said she is "super food motivated" and very intelligent, so enjoys her training and learning new things.

Ruby is looking for a home of at least two adults living in a rural, quiet area, who can provide her with a predictable and safe space to call home.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: "Ruby is a very beautiful, active girl, who bonds strongly with her handlers and loves to sit and watch people prepare all her tasty meals and games.

"Ruby will make the perfect companion for owners ready for a bit of a challenge in giving an adolescent dog the positive training and guidance in life to continue building her confidence and supporting her in areas of need.

"Owners who have access to a vehicle, rural walks and are able to visit Ruby multiple times at the centre before taking her home is a must in order to set her up for success."