People with these surnames in Suffolk could be owed a fortune

Is your surname on the list of the unclaimed estates? Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Could you be the rightful owner of an unclaimed estate in Suffolk?

Thousands of pounds could be waiting for people in Suffolk, as dozens of estates remain unclaimed – find out if you could be one of those using our searchable table.

When someone dies with no will or known family, their estate passes to the Crown as ownerless property — which is also known as bona vacantia.

It can be any kind of property such as buildings, money or even personal possessions - and you could be entitled to a share of these if you have a deceased relative.

The government produces a spreadsheet which is updated daily.

It shows which legacies have not yet been claimed by any relatives – and are therefore open for family members to make a claim.

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The list shows 55 people who died in Suffolk, along with three people who were born in the county but died elsewhere.

Many have been on the list for years and the vast majority are believed to be people who died alone and are listed as spinsters, widows, bachelors or single people.

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