13 inappropriate 999 calls to Suffolk police revealed

A woman from Chelmsford who was reported to police as missing earlier today has now returned home (s

Suffolk police has released examples of hoax 999 and 101 calls (file photo) - Credit: Archant

Suffolk police has urged people to only dial 999 in an emergency after revealing one caller asked officers for help when their television broke.

Another caller said asked for help when they locked themselves out of their home, while another householder couldn't find a parcel delivered by courier.

Officers have released examples of inappropriate calls made to 999 and 101 in a bid to encourage people to report non-emergencies online.

This included people asking for the numbers for the magistrates' court, passport office and Trading Standards.

Essex Police has recently revealed one woman called 999 and asked for an escort home when stuck in traffic.

Suffolk police has said the control room is receiving more calls this summer as Covid rules have lifted and people are holidaying at home.

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Tim Passmore, Suffolk's police and crime commissioner, said: "Summer is always a busy time in our beautiful county and if July is anything to go by, it is set to be even busier this month as we are all holidaying closer to home. 

Tim Passmore, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Tim Passmore, Suffolk's police and crime commissioner - Credit: Archant

"Whilst increased numbers of visitors in the county is great news for the local economy, this will impact on the number of calls into our contact and control room over the summer period.

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"Anything we can do to take the pressure off the control room would be very welcome, so I would encourage anyone who needs to contact the constabulary, and it’s not an emergency, to consider using on the website."

13 examples of inappropriate calls made to police on 999 and 101:

  • Have you got the telephone number for the magistrates’ court?
  • There is an injured seal on the beach
  • I need a solicitor; can you advise?
  • I need a doctor/medical treatment.
  • I’ve locked myself out of my car.
  • I’ve locked myself out of my house.
  • I have been left a note by a courier to say a parcel has been delivered but there is no parcel?
  • I’m moving home and would like to know what the crime is like in the area?
  • What time does the market open?
  • My TV isn’t working, can you come and have a look?
  • I have just had a parcel delivered and it is damaged?
  • I can smell gas.. I have a water leak.. I have a power cut.
  • Request for the DVLA, Trading Standards, Passport office telephone numbers.

Superintendent Kerry Cutler said: “It’s been a really busy July, and, on some days, we have taken more 999 calls than we did on New Year’s Eve, which is normally our busiest day of the year!

"Like all other emergency services with restrictions now lifted, we are seeing an increase in calls to 999 and demand is rising above 2019 levels.

"By 30 July, we had taken over 10,769 calls made to 999, with an average of 365 calls a day. In June, we answered 9,626 calls to 999, an average of 320 calls a day."

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