Save £5 on these plants producing huge strawberries

These are some of the biggest strawberries you can grow Picture: Enjoy Gardening More

These are some of the biggest strawberries you can grow Picture: Enjoy Gardening More - Credit: Archant

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The massive berries that arise from this stunning new variety could be the largest strawberries ever and unlike some other 'king sized ' fruits they are simply bursting with flavour too. Each of these massive fruits, on average, will weigh 40g – as large as an orange, and just as juicy and full of flavour! You'll get plenty of them too so overall yields will be very rewarding.

Sweet Colossus is a traditional June bearing strawberry so will yield most of its bountiful harvest in early summer. Plant in a sheltered, sunny position in well-drained soil. Plant strawberry runners every 45cm (18') in rows spaced at 75cm (30'). Spread out their roots and place them in the soil at a level where the crown of the plant is just poking above the surface. Avoid planting them too deeply as this may cause them to rot. Remember to water your strawberries frequently throughout the growing season.

You can protect the growing fruit from predators such as slugs and snails by spreading straw around each plant. You could also place a net over the plants which will help prevent crop damage by birds. Although strawberry plants will continue to fruit in successive years, the crop will become considerably reduced and it is advisable to completely replace strawberry plants every two to three years.

Its guaranteed that children (and grandchildren) will love to pick fresh strawberries and they won't be able to wait to get their hands around these stupendous fruits.

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