All Suffolk districts continue to see drop in number of Covid cases

Residents in Suffolk have been asked to "pull together" to reverse the current rise in coronavirus cases (stock image)...

Covid cases across Suffolk and north Essex are continuing to fall - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Covid cases in all Suffolk and north Essex districts are continuing to fall. 

Figures for the last seven days to January 14 have shown a decline in the number of positive cases per 100,000 people across Suffolk and north Essex. 

The latest government figures are compared against the rates in the seven days to January 7. 

Ipswich has seen a huge fall in the number of Covid cases with 947.9 per 100,000 people recorded on January 14, in comparison with 1689.2 per 100,000 on January 7. 

The numbers in Babergh also dropped sharply from 1308 per 100,000 to 780.7 cases per 100,000 as of January 14. 

It is now the district with the lowest recorded number of confirmed cases, having previously been the highest at the beginning of the month

Although west Suffolk currently has the highest number of recorded Covid cases in the region it is still below the national average. 

The area's rate now stands at 982.9 cases per 100,000, down from 1300.6 on January 7. 

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Cases in east Suffolk also dropped from 1489.4 per 100,000 on January 7 to 822.4 on January 14.

Mid Suffolk also saw a drop in cases from 1132 on January 7 to 803 on January 14. 

All districts across north Essex saw a drop in the number of cases and are all currently below the national average of 989.3 per 100,000.