Memorial weekend to commemorate Suffolk USAAF heroes

RAF Lavenham during world war two

RAF Lavenham during the second world war. - Credit: Beech Architects/ Third Rule Studios

This weekend will see the commemoration of two Second World War USAAF Bomb Groups in Lavenham and Sudbury.

The 486th and 487th Bomb Groups were part of the United States 8th Air Force which later became known as the 'Mighty Eighth'.

The Air Force, which was the largest ever assembled, was stationed across more than 100 airfields in East Anglia, with the 486th and 487th flying from Station 174 at Sudbury and Station 137 at Lavenham Airfield respectively.

A total of 207 airmen from the 486th and 233 from the 487th were killed in action.

The commemoration weekend will commence on Friday, May 27 and run until Sunday, May 29. 

The memorial will include various remembrance services, including a gala concert featuring the Military Wives Choir and an illustrated talk on the 486th.

A party of veterans and family members representing the two Bomb Groups will be in attendance, with around 50 guests from the United States visiting in total.