'Loving' mum-of-four died in crash while riding a malfunctioning bike

Daniella Milburn was a devoted mother

Daniella Milburn died in a crash on the A1071 at Hintlesham - Credit: Michael Mann Photography

A 'caring and loving' mother-of-four died in a crash while riding a motorbike with over-inflated tyres and a malfunctioning back brake, an inquest heard. 

Daniella Milburn, 33, from Hadleigh, had only just been bought the Honda 125cc as a surprise gift, but the front tyre was the incorrect size, while both front and rear had been pumped up to nearly double the required pressure. 

In addition, police evidence showed the rear brake was working, but not with the maximum effectiveness. 

Mrs Milburn died when her bike was in collision with a Ford C-Max and Ford Mondeo while she was travelling home towards Hadleigh on the single carriageway A1071 on March 29 last year. 

She suffered multiple injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene at Hintlesham at 5.30pm. 

Previously, in a family tribute she was described as an "ever caring and loving mother, sister, aunt and wife" who "will be missed by all".

They said she was "a headstrong and devoted mother always thinking of her children and putting them first whilst supporting her husband and his career".

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Motorists had reported seeing her ‘wobbling’ and looking nervous as she rode around 90-degree bends before apparently losing control and crossing into the opposite lane where her bike collided with oncoming traffic. 

Husband Dale Milburn had only bought her the present the day before from a vendor in London and a friend had certified that the bike was fit for use after taking it for a test ride. 

She was ‘shocked and surprised’ to receive the gift and had taken the bike for a ride around an industrial estate, but at 5ft 6ins tall, she had difficulty reaching the rear brake foot pedal. 

She then went for a spin around Hadleigh before going for the shopping trip to Ipswich with the two men, who were also on bikes. 

On the way back, the trio stopped at an Asda store and had discussed concerns about her riding, particularly that she appeared "tense, rigid and stiff".

Mrs Milburn, who had completed her basic bike training in November 2020, wanted to get back to Hadleigh for dinner and the crash happened as they were heading home. 

Initially, she hit the Ford C-Max on the driver’s side, removing the wing mirror, before colliding with a Ford Mondeo travelling behind.  

A Mini behind the Mondeo in the line of traffic was also damaged by debris. 

Recording a verdict of death by road traffic collision, Tim Deeming, assistant coroner for Suffolk, said: “I can see how much Daniella meant to all of you.”