Your memories of Prince Philip

The Duke of Edinburgh attends the Captain General's Parade at his final individual public engagement

The Duke of Edinburgh at the Captain General's Parade at his final individual public engagement, at Buckingham Palace in London. - Credit: PA

People in Suffolk have been sharing their memories of Prince Philip following his death at the age of 99. 


I was born the year of the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip and their union has formed one of the steadfast foundations of my life.

The Duke of Edinburgh's support to the Queen and to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth has no equal and his duty to us as a country and to his wife as Queen and their family will be remembered as one of the most enduring and positive and supportive partnerships of all time.

My sincere condolences to Her Majesty and members of the Royal family. A true gentleman and Consort who will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

Grace from Ipswich

Great Man, Officer, Father, Husband. We will miss you Prince Philip.

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Jacqueline Wulff-Harris

In 1996 I was pregnant with my daughter Autumn.  I was shopping in Cambridge to collect a car seat for her from Halfords which was in the town centre at the time. 

Unbeknown to me Prince Philip and some other people from one of the universities were walking down the street towards Halfords all dressed in their fine regalia. 

I opened the door of Halfords and the weight of the box and my condition made me trip down the steps of the shop just at the moment Prince Philip was level with me.  I managed to avoid hitting him with the box but dropped the box on the floor. 

He was so lovely. 

He asked me if I was alright and patted my stomach and wished me all the luck in the world with my daughter. 

He asked if the baby was male or female and I said female.  He then asked one of the men with him to carry my box for me back to my car and waved me goodbye.

I will never forget it!

Debbie Smith

Dear Prince Philip you have served your Queen and people well, now you can rest in peace 

Jay Lorenz

He became a reformer, not just the monarchy but British industry, launched the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, did so much behind the scenes, sorry for your loss mam, You can stand down now Sir.

Julie Stammers

RIP Prince Philip, and condolences to her majesty the Queen on the sad loss of her husband , thoughts are with you and your family.


Thank you for your service to our country. May you rest easy Prince Philip.


R.I.P Prince Philip. My thoughts are with your family on this sad day. I remember completing the Duke of Edinburgh award when I was young and it was a pleasure being involved in this award. Let your soul rest in peace and you will be remembered in our hearts.

Public leaders in Suffolk have also been expressing their condolences at the death of Prince Philip.