5 ways to keep your pets calm during fireworks displays

Advice for dog owners ahead of NYE fireworks

Here are five ways to keep your dogs calm during bonfire night - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bonfire night is fast approaching – a time of year dreaded by pet owners, whose animals are scared of the loud bangs and flashes. 

Here are five ways to keep your pets calm during the loud bangs and bright flashes:

Familiarise your pet with loud bangs  

In the week leading up bonfire night, experts suggest watching action movies to help desensitise your pets to loud bangs. 

If this is something you try, make sure you pick ones with loud music, explosions and car crashes. 

Keep the volume relatively low at first, before slowly increasing as the week goes on.  

Take your dog for walks during the day

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If your dog is frightened of the fireworks, it is best to avoid walking them at night, and instead do it during the day. 

Taking your dog for a walk will also help them be calmer in the evening. 

Keep your house as soundproof as possible 

Closing your windows and curtains can help keep the sound of the fireworks to a minimum. 

Experts say it is also important for you to ignore the fireworks yourself, and to act as normal as possible, as this will help keep your pet calm. 

Distract your pet with the four T’s on Bonfire Night

Treats, tricks, toys and touch are some of the best ways to keep your pets calm during the fireworks. 

Being close to your pet will reassure them, but it is best not to smother them as that can also cause them to become anxious. 

Try not to leave your pets alone if you know there are planned fireworks

Being alone during the loud bangs can cause your pets even more distress, so it is best to try to not leave them on their own if you are aware of any planned fireworks. 

If you are going to be out while displays are taking place, it is encouraged to leave some music on for your pets. 

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