Is snow on the cards for Suffolk? Forecasters give their verdict

Ipswich Waterfront in snow

Ipswich Waterfront in snow - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Despite some forecasters predicting snow next week, Suffolk is unlikely to catch a dusting of the white stuff, according to latest predictions.

The most the county can expect is perhaps sleet - and not until nearer next weekend.

Fred Best, a meteorologist at East Anglian based forecaster Weatherquest, said today: "While it's going to be colder from tomorrow onwards, snow is unlikely to hit Suffolk in the next week.

"There's a risk of marginal frost in the far west of the county from Sunday but in the east it is likely to be warmer."

However, Weatherquest warn of a cooler spell towards the end of next week. 

Mr Best said: "While wintry showers are predicted in Scotland and North England, there's a lot of uncertainty about if they'll hit us, and if they do, it is unlikely to be anything more than a bit of sleet."

Winds will be increasing tomorrow, but calming from Monday to Wednesday. 

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He added: "Tomorrow, there will be moderate wind coming from the north, but through Monday to Wednesday it will ease off.

"The end of the week will be more blustery, however."

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