Ipswich Witches produced a stunning performance in the west Midlands with a thoroughly deserved 42-48 victory at Wolverhampton tonight.

The Foxhall side were simply irresistible, producing 11 heat winners and in Jason Doyle having the man of the meeting, as he netted four victories.

However, this was a real team effort, the Suffolk side throwing away a six-point lead they had picked up after heat five, to show real character and hit back, to run out victors with two heats to go.

Quite simply every Witch was on it on what can be a tricky track and this result will make many in the speedway world take notice.

Doyle rode a fine race in heat one, passing both Wolves by hugging the inside line to take the chequered flag in a drawn first race.

Paul Starke and Drew Kemp were neck and neck in the next before Starke pulled away, before packing up on the final lap to gift the Wolves a 5-1 maximum.

However, the visitors were not deterred as Danny King and Ben Barker his straight back with a maximum of their own to level it up.

Starke went off 15m in heat four after missing the two minute time. And he passed Thompson on the final bend as Troy Batchelor made it three heat wins out of four for the Witches.

Ipswich were now ahead and they stretched their lead in heat five as Doyle flew under both Wolves, as Erik Riss took advantage of Luke Becker's mistake and Thomas Jorgensen packing up. The Witches now led by six.

But Wolves hit straight back with a maximum of their own in the next and were ahead one race later with another 5-1, as the Witches made a right mess of heat seven, King gating poorly and Barker almost doing a 360 on turn three, lap one.

Riss and Danyon Hume both gated to the front in heat with Riss going on to win as Hume and Steve Worrall passing and re-passing as the Wolves man got second.

Witches were digging deep and after Thomas Jorgensen hit the tapes and started off 15m, Batchelor and Starke took another 5-1 maximum. King kept Masters behind him as the Witches, who had regained their lead, now stretched it to 27-33 after heat 10.

Doyle made it three out of three in the next as the Witches went eight up, with four to go. Starke produced a stunning ride to beat tactical man Morris as the Witches got ever closer to the finishing line.... a line they crossed in heat 13 as Doyle won to seal the deal for Ipswich.

Wolverhampton: 1. Sam Masters (1*,3,2,2,3) = 11+1: 2. Steve Worrall (2,2*,2,0) = 6+1; 3. Luke Becker (0,1,1,2,) = 4; 4. Thomas Jorgensen (1,e/f, 0,2) = 3; 5. Nick Morris (2,3,2,0,1*,2*) = 10+2; 6. Drew Kemp (3,2*,0,1*) = 6+2; 7. Joe Thompson (2*,0,0) = 2*

Ipswich: 1. Jason Doyle (3,3,3,3, 1) = 13; 2. Erik Riss (0,2*,3,1,0); = 6+1; 3. Danny King (3,1,3,1,) = 8; 4. Ben Barker (2*,0,1,3) = 6+1; 5. Troy Batchelor (3,1,2*,0) = 6+1; 6. Paul Starke (e/f,1,3,3,0) = 7; 7. Danyon Hume (1,0,1) = 2.

*bonus point

Heat details

1. Doyle, Worrall, Masters, Riss 56.2 3-3

2. Kemp, Thompson, Hume, Starke (e/f) 57.4 8-4

3. King, Barker, Jorgensen, Becker 58.2 9-9

4. Batchelor, Morris, Starke (15m), Thompson 57.0 11-13

5. Doyle, Riss, Becker, Jorgensen (e/f) 58.6 12-18

6. Masters, Worrall, Batchelor, Hume 58.6 17-19

7. Morris, Kemp, King, Barker 57.2 22-20

8. Riss, Worrall, Hume, Thompson 57.3 24-24

9. Starke, Batchelor, Becker, Jorgensen (15m) 57.7 25-29

10. King, Masters, Barker, Worrall 57.1 27-33

11. Doyle, Morris, Riss, Kemp 57.2 29-37

12. Starke, Becker, King, Morris 57.7 31-41

13. Doyle, Masters, Morris, Batchelor 57.1 34-44

14. Barker, Jorgensen, Kemp, Starke 58.2 37-47

15. Masters, Morris, Doyle, Riss 57.7 42-48

Wolves 0pts. Witches 3 pts.

Top Witch: Jason Doyle: Led from the front, passing riders at will. Brilliant No.1 performance from the Aussie.


Meetings Pts.

Belle Vue 3 8

Ipswich 2 6

Wolves 2 3

Sheffield 1 3

King's Lynn 1 0

Peterborough 3 0