Ipswich Witches owner Chris Louis has said Drew Kemp's future is very much at the Suffolk club.

Kemp, 19, one of the sport's up-and-coming hot talents, has been loaned to Wolverhampton for the 2022 season, despite being an Ipswich asset and living just outside the town.

It was a surprise move to many Foxhall fans the deal by Ipswich to Wolves was done.

However, Louis explained his reasons why.

"Drew struggled at times last year, particularly at Ipswich," Louis said.

"Speedway is a mental game and I think the pressures of being the young kid on the block on the home track where he lives just weighed a bit too heavy on his shoulders.

"So, we looked at the whole situation and said this is an opportunity for him to go away, lose those shackles, find his feet and gain some confidence.

"Because I see his future here at Ipswich, 100%. No question."

Kemp showed his mettle on many occasions riding for the Witches last season, as well as appearing for Team GB. He retained his British U-19 title for an incredible third year on the trot in 2021.

So, while he is still very much in Louis' long-terms plans, it's Wolves for Kemp this summer.

"Working with someone like Pete Adams at Wolves, a professionally-run club will help Drew," Louis said. "I couldn't see a better fit for him.

"The only downside to that is of course I expect Drew to have a great season and make Wolves a very strong team. But that always happens when a rider leaves your club and goes to another.

"But for him personally and us a club it's all positives. If Drew's away for one or two seasons it's not going to do him any harm.

"I wouldn't want it to be longer than that."

The Witches begin their 2022 season on Thursday, March 31 when King's Lynn visit Foxhall in a League Cup clash, before the Suffolk side are then on their travels to Lynn and Peterborough the week after.