Ipswich Witches entertain league leaders Wolverhampton Wolves at Foxhall Stadium tonight. MIKE BACON takes a look at the action.

Sudbury Mercury: Ipswich's Anders Rowe inside Wolves' Leon Flint, the last time Wolves visited Foxhall.Ipswich's Anders Rowe inside Wolves' Leon Flint, the last time Wolves visited Foxhall. (Image: Steve Waller)


The Witches' hopes of a play-off place were dashed last week when Sheffield came to Foxhall and became the latest team to head home with all the points.

Indeed, only Belle Vue have failed to win at Foxhall this season and, even then, the Manchester club did grab a draw on their first visit.

Tonight's visitors Wolverhampton currently head the Premiership table and have been a dominant force in 2021 and the only question mark in the regular season is what position they will finish in the top four, having confirmed their play-off spot last week.

They won by eight points on their previous visit to Foxhall earlier in the season and easily beat the Witches twice in the west midlands. The Witches will be looking to restore a bit of pride in their remaining fixtures, especially at Foxhall.

Sudbury Mercury: Craig Cook and Jake Allen take a look at the track. Both will be in action for Ipswich tonight.Craig Cook and Jake Allen take a look at the track. Both will be in action for Ipswich tonight. (Image: Steve Waller)


The Witches have rarely put out their strongest 1-7 in 2021, and there is little doubt this has played a key part in many of their poor results, guest replacements for an often injured Jason Crump failing to score well.

Crump scored 9+1 on his return to the Ipswich side last week and has been sorely missed for a large portion of the campaign at number one.

Four Witches were in action in Monday’s British Final at the National Speedway Stadium, but the event did not go to plan for those involved.

Craig Cook and Danny King went into the meeting with high hopes of lifting the title, but both exited at the qualifying stage. Anders Rowe scored one point on his debut and competed well, while it was a night to forget for Paul Starke who failed to score.

Sudbury Mercury: Jason Crump and team manager Ritchie Hawkins.Jason Crump and team manager Ritchie Hawkins. (Image: Steve Waller)


Ipswich team boss Ritchie Hawkins said ahead of the clash: “Wolves have already won at our place this year, but we have got our 1-7 out for two meetings in a row now. We are going to need to perform better than our last meeting, but I have no doubt if we all perform at the same time, we can get the win.

“Speedway is not fun if you are losing. We have got four meetings to try and enjoy it and take some enjoyment out of the year for themselves as well as the supporters. We have got plenty to race for in the pride stakes and no one comes to a speedway meeting not wanting to win.

“We have lost too many at home and we have not given the fans enough to cheer about."

Sudbury Mercury: Paul Starke warming up his machine ahead of a meeting.Paul Starke warming up his machine ahead of a meeting. (Image: Steve Waller)

1. Jason Crump 8.00 2. Anders Rowe 5.38 3. Jake Allen 5.15 4. Craig Cook 7.56 5. Danny King 7.10 © 6. Paul Starke 4.82 7. Drew Kemp (RS). Team Manager: Ritchie Hawkins

WOLVES: 1. Sam Masters 7.91 2. Broc Nicol 5.95 3. Nick Morris 6.99 4. Luke Becker 6.11 5. Rory Schlein 7.26 © 6. Ryan Douglas 5.38 7. Leon Flint (RS). Team Manager: Peter Adams

REFEREE: W. Jarvis

Wolves 13 36
Peterorough 13 33
Belle Vue 14 28
Sheffield 13 22
Ipswich 16 18
King's Lynn 13 8